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Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Our Mission Statement

Our belief system is that every child can learn. Understanding how children develop their style of learning is critical to the success of each child. Learning occurs naturally, through investigation and curiosity, with one thought leading to several. We believe it is our job to nurture that curiosity and provide the stepping stones for each child. Our role is to aid and support children to become critical thinkers that are challenged and resilient. Learning should never stop, it should be evolving, exciting and purposeful and achieving this at a young age sets the foundations to become lifelong learners.

The Apple Tree wanted to break the mould by purposefully designing a new learning framework. We carefully and considerately designed a program that explored strengths not weaknesses. A framework that encouraged multiple pathways and multiple results. A program relevant and connected to real life. We ensured it was flexible to all learning styles and gave independence to the learner to choose learning that engages them. We are passionate about our programs and we want to work in partnership with you, the parents. You are the driving force in your child’s life and will have the most impact. We respect that and want to help facilitate the learning journey.

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