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Benefits of Child-Led Learning

Benefits: Benefits


At The Apple Tree Learning Hub, we value the innate individual uniqueness of each child's strengths, interests and personal wellbeing.  

The Apple Tree Learning Hub embraces a child-led approach. An extensive body of research suggests that this approach is most valuable for rich and authentic learning experiences. Child-led learning focuses on preparing learning experiences that recognise and acknowledge the individual needs of a learner.

The purpose is to encourage children to be engaged and active in their own learning experiences.

​Research shows that child–led learning: enhances children’s sense of self and confidence. It promotes engaged learning behaviours.

Improves group dynamics and provides children with the confidence and ability to respond to a challenging task. 

A child–led approach to learning encourages children to express their views and ideas as it enhances engagement and motivation. Facilitators are able to focus on a child's strengths by developing strong and meaningful relationships with them. Children immerse themselves in the learning and move from extrinsically motivated to intrinsically motivated learning. 

Child-led learning can stimulate the interests of children in activities by making the activity child-centred and relevant to their own personal experiences. Developing deep critical skills for thinking and learning. When children feel cared for and valued in the learning environment, they are more likely to be intrinsically motivated.

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