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Miss Erin


Miss Erin has been residing in Townsville for the past 25 years. She has spent her entire working life with children. Her first job at 16 was working before and after school care. Once finished year twelve, she started her Bachelor of Education (ECE) degree at James Cook University. Whilst completing her degree Miss Erin was the preschool teacher at ABC Childcare, where she also stepped into the directors position. Graduating in 2005, Miss Erin entered mainstream schooling for Education Queensland. She has had various roles; Classroom Teacher, Learning Support, Behaviour Management and Japanese Culture Teacher. For the last four years she has been working in the Catholic sector. Wearing more hats again as a Dance and Drama specialist. 

Miss Erin’s greatest passion is teaching children to read. “There is no greater pleasure than watching a child feel success. Their eyes light up and their smile goes from ear to ear.  Miss Erin loves the Arts, and is always looking for new ways children can express themselves. She loves to think big, nothing is impossible to Miss Erin. 

Miss Erin married her childhood sweetheart of twenty-three years and they have two beautiful, independent and strong children. Miss Erin and her husband hold strong family beliefs and relish the outdoors. As a family they love camping, fishing and spending time with friends and family.

Miss Erin is creative, fun and loud. She has a big heart and sees more than just the academics. She sees the whole child. 

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